Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sugar Plum pas de deux

Since I'm unsuccessful in uploading the following to Youtube, I'm posting it here. This is the Sugar Plum pas de deux that Quinn Underwood (age 11) and Rachel Richardson (age 12) performed in the Oregon Ballet Academy's 2008 production of the Nutcracker. I apologize for the watermark over the video. I'm testing this software and as a result, you must look past the obnoxious DVDxDV logo. No matter, you'll get the idea. Quinn, Logan and Rachel have all been accepted to various ballet summer intensives for 2009 and we're deciding which program we'll choose. The boys have each been offered a full scholarship for ABT and they've been invited back to The Rock on a partial scholarship. We couldn't be prouder of these two and how hard they work to pursue their dreams...


Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Finally the eight long years of Bush are over. Not that we won't feel the effects of his tenure for generations, but at least no more damage can be done. I'm so thrilled and speechless...