Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Lists

Even though I am a total and admitted crank around the holidays (mostly because of all the bad music that is played) I do look forward to Quinn and Logan's christmas lists. In year's past they've asked for wood dowels, duct tape, garden stakes and other obvious kid-friendly items. Even though they are getting older and the lists are less game/toy heavy, there are still some gems. For example, "the Clapper." I kid you not, Quinn has that on his list this year, because how cool would it be to walk into your room, clap loudly and voila -- the lights are on! What will inventors think of next? A way to brown and crisp your bread?! So without further ado, here are the wish-lists for 2011 written exactly as they were submitted to Jim and me.

1. Mouse for computer
2. Clothes (socks also)
3. ipod speakers
4. itunes cards
5. shoes ?
6. trip to Mt. Hood Meadows
7. More cargo shorts
8. Paintball Palace trip

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1.Itunes gift cards slim jeans plaid shirts 360 cards to Movie Theater ski jacket!!!!!!!

8.ipod speakers!!!!: wii controller

10.mechanical pencils

11.wii games

12.speakers for computer

13. watch

14.ipod nano watch holders

15. bucky balls ::54X6JXWPLSAWRQ6B27VB_M.jpg

16. 17. new earbuds for ipod (skullcandy)

18.LEGO architect set (space needle)

19.classic arcade machine

20.”oversized beanbag chair”

21.casual watch:

22.”clapper” for lights

You'll notice that Quinn actually provided links to some of the items on his wish list! Logan asked this morning to see what was on Quinn's list, as he had hand-written his and was pretty sure he was forgetting things. Sure enough, after reading Quinn's he asked if he could modify his already submitted list. Good thing they're leaving us plenty of time...Happy Holidays to everyone, whatever it is you celebrate this time of year!