Thursday, May 7, 2009

12 Years of Boy Joy

Dear Logan & Quinn,

Today you turn 12 years old. This may not feel significant to you, nor to many others, for that matter. But as your mother, I’m here to tell you it is significant. It’s significant in the sense that I remember my twelfth birthday as if it were last year. I remember the angst of a changing body, changing thoughts, thinking my parents were total Troglodytes. So this is a significant year because my own acute memories help shape the way I parent. Even with the benefit of clear hind-sight, you still think dad and I are total fuddy-duddies with outdated ideas. I can accept this. I can accept this because it means you are thinking on your own and giving voice to the adult you are slowly growing into. I am so proud of who you both are. There is nothing cookie-cutter about you two. Even being identical twins seems to have little bearing on your developing personalities.

Quinn, you continue to forge ahead with a Quixotic view of the world. You are ready to defend those whose voices are not yet strong enough to be heard. You have such a definite sense of right and wrong. While this can sometimes be maddening, I so appreciate the thought you give your ideas and the passion with which you live your life. There is nothing superficial about you. 

Logan, you are such a hard one to pin down. You operate on a level that is just outside my reach. Your keen insight and quick mind leave me spinning at times. I marvel at how quickly and accurately you can assess a situation and then deliver your synopsis in a poetic haiku. Your joie de vivre is infectious. Conversely, when dark clouds gather over your head, we all know it. You are such a constant joy in our lives.

These past twelve years have been so rich. Sure we’ve had our share of bumps and bruises, but I can say with certainty that dad and I wouldn’t trade a second of our time here with you for anything. You may find that hard to believe when we’re yammering yet again about your undone chores or manners. Being parents isn’t easy, but it is rewarding beyond measure. I still find myself wondering how it is that I can be so lucky to have the privilege of you being a part of my life. I’m so excited to share yet another year with you--getting to watch you blossom into teenagers, watch your bodies morph from silken boy to gristly teen, watch you navigate your way through boy/girl friendships as the hormones really kick in, and mostly just getting to feel my heart swell more than I could think possible with love and affection for you two. I’m wishing you the best birthday sentiments but feel it is I who should be celebrating.