Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Minced ginger

Minced ginger by Tamara Irminger
Minced ginger, a photo by Tamara Irminger on Flickr.

This is Logan's minced ginger! I have never minced ginger this well, but now I know who to ask!


Aftermath by Tamara Irminger
Aftermath, a photo by Tamara Irminger on Flickr.

Mayhem, but so worth it.

The dude can cook

In order for the boys to get an “A” in their International Cooking class this term, they are required to cook meals at home. We just found this out, when the boys’ progress reports were received and the only “Bs” were in cooking. Whaaaa? They explained why and we promptly told them they need to start cooking at home. They groused a little but by this past weekend they had each arranged opportunities to cook a meal. Logan chose Beef Lo Mein and after shopping with Jim for the necessary ingredients he came home and wowed us all. First off, his mincing and chopping abilities would put even a seasoned cook to shame. This kid uniformly minced fresh ginger, which is no small feat. The dish was perfectly seasoned as a result of his fine mincing skills and he nailed the meat so that it was tender and perfectly cooked. The house smelled great and sitting down to eat a meal that your own teenage kid has cooked made it even better. I will say that he managed to use just about every kitchen utensil/gadget he had access to and the clean-up afterwards was no small job. Not that Logan was concerned with that detail as the “rule” in our house is the cook never cleans, so it was me and Jim scrubbing, sweeping, wiping and mopping after our delicious meal. Small price to pay if you ask me…