Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Quinn's List

Well, after much cajoling, I finally got Quinn to e-mail me his Christmas list. My first thought was, "this is much shorter than Logan's," but then I read line no. 15, which refers to Logan's wish list. Anyway, you can tell the boys are growing out of the Lego's era and are now thinking about clothes and gadgetry.

Christmas list:

1.Itunes gift cards

2.new slim jeans

3.new plaid shirts

4.Harry Potter movies 1-6

5.gift cards to Movie Theater

6.new ski jacket

7.street surfer (skate board with two wheels)

8.spore creepy and cute

9.new wii controller

10.mechanical pencils

11.wii games

12.ipad J

13.itouch J

14.Boogie Board tablet J

15.munchkin cards (see Logan’s Christmas list)

16.U of O bookstore gift cards

17.cell phone J

18.new earbuds for ipod (skullcandy)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Logan's Xmas list

Well, here it is, the 2010 christmas list by Logan. Quinn's is still on his computer so I'll have to retrieve it later and post. Note that Logan modified his list after playing the card game Munchkin for a weekend with Rachel and Quinn. He has detailed instructions at the top of the list which read: "strike through item means I don't want it any more;" "Stuff in red is a priority;" "Red means if that's the only stuff I get for christmas I will be happy!" Since I can't format the list as it's written, I'll indicated the striked items with an (x) and highlight the items written in red.

  1. Palm Pixie--phone
  2. Wii games
  3. Nice mechanical pencils (the kind that Doug gave us last year.)
  4. Plaid shirts
  5. ipad
  6. computer games
  7. Any shirts (casual, nice)
  8. Pant: slim, not skinny
  9. Shoes (I get to pick)
  10. Wii controller
  11. charger for wii remote
  12. wii resort
  13. books, or bookstore gift cards (X)
  14. itunes gift cards
  15. Nice fitting jacket
  16. 1-6 Harry Potter dvds
  17. movies
  18. Wood shop stuff (X)
  19. Trumpet lessons, probably for high school
  20. warm-ups for dance (X)
  21. New munchkins (X)
  22. blow gun
  23. models, like what MorFar got me
  24. Rosetta Stone in French
  25. Pencil lead
  26. non-drying clay in multiple colors
  27. money
  28. Kettle chips, Sea Salt and Vinegar flavor (X)
  29. Gift card to movie theater (X)
  30. Boxers (X)
  31. The Other Guys dvd (X)
  32. Anything else you think we might like
  33. Tons of gift cards to UO bookstore
  34. Munchkin 2 -- Unnatural Axe
  35. Munchkin 4 -- The need for steed
  36. Munchkin 6 -- Demented Dungeons
  37. Munckin 7 -- More good cards
  38. Munchkin -- Fairy Dust
  39. Munchkin -- Waiting for Santa
  40. Munchkin -- Santa's Revenge
  41. Munchkin -- Marked for Death
  42. Munchkin -- Reloaded
  43. Munchkinomicon
  44. Munchkin Blender
  45. Munchkin -- Boxes of Holding
  46. Munchkin -- Go up a level
And there you have it. I particularly like his request (which he later nixed) for Kettle chips and pencil lead. You have to admire his pragmatism! I'll post Quinn's list as soon as I can get a copy.

Happy Holidays!