Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring 2012

Hey, it's Spring here in the PNW, and whadda ya know, it's snowing. While most parts of the country are basking in the warmth and early glow of the Vernal Equinox, we in the upper west are shoveling and wearing bulky parkas. Yeah us! Of course, the kiddos are elated with mother nature's idea of a joke and they've been out all day sledding the slopes of a local golf course. Our town has pretty much SHUT DOWN. I am already feeling cabin crazy. I wasn't expecting a "snow day" and I'm having a difficult time shifting gears into a spontaneous day off. I've pretty much piddled away the first half of the day reading pointless "articles" on-line, but if you want any updates on all the latest celebrity gossip, just ask, because I'm all caught up. I feel like I've just spent four hours in the waiting room at my dentist's, thumbing through all the People, Marie Claire, and Vogue magazines. Now I feel sort of polluted with pointless and meaningless drivel, but, hey, Beyonce looks great post-pregnancy. The six inches of snow we received throughout the early morning hours are now being hydrated with rain, and big clumps of wet, heavy snow are unloading off branches with big "thumps" on the roof, which makes me jump every time one smacks down. Okay, time to recalibrate and get something productive done, happy Spring!